Since the beginnings of our history, in early 2000, we have been handling “mobile” technologies. We have passed through WAP technology, we have fronted the quick-but-strong season of palmtops to arrive, happily and seamlessly, to the latest Tablets and Smartphones.

Therefore, we have a vast and deep knowledge about modalities and characteristics of the experience of mobile fruition.

Throughout the years we have overseen many projects in various ways, either as partners or suppliers, giving our experience which, in every situation, has always managed to spot the solution the more suitable for the accomplishment of the set goals, regardless of technologies in use.

I nostri progetti Mobile

Servers are the real pulsing heart of modern enterprises; it is inside the servers that corporate knowledge is stored, protected, transformed and spreaded. The passion for the constant search focused on finding out the best solution to the problems connected with the whole field of IT - in all their aspect: from security to backup, mail, database and applications – has allowed Netfarm to gain a deep knowledge and experience in server problem solving.

Netfarm has started its own path of knowledge from the acceptance of the Open Source philosophy and thought. By the constant practice of sharing knowledge, Netfarm has gained a continuous improving of its own skills in running projects regarding system-level environment.

For this reason, those who choose to address to Netfarm, are very conscious they are entrusting themselves to a “community” that will be alongside them and will share their goals and purposes, until we will find, together, the best solution suitable for the specific needs of the enterprise and its corporate structure.

I nostri progetti Server

In the corporate environment, the Web has stopped to be a simple showcase, meant to show one’s own products or skills, a long time ago. Indeed nowadays it has become the main channel through which you can manage your business strategies, and share your projects and offered services with the whole world.

Within the web-applications field, Netfarm has always provided CMS solutions for the Content Management, that are powerful and flexible, easy to install, to use and to customize. Thanks to Netfarm, even unskilled users can create and keep information, just using a web browser. Perfect solutions to create web and intranet sites. Netfarm offers high standards of security with definitely no detriment to accessibility and enlargement capacity.   

Obviously, Web is not only CMS, either meant public-oriented or as intranet; The Web is an extraordinary resource that allows you to totally manage your own business and, in the same time, to give services with high added value. Through the knowledge and the use of both the advanced open source frameworks and main databases, Netfarm has supplied, and is still supplying, tools fit to give value to the enterprises and make them focus on their core-business.

I nostri progetti Web

The Business Integration is a strategy whose purpose is to synchronize ITs with the corporative cultures and goals, and line up technology with the business strategy and targets.  

You can consider the Business Integration as the reflection of how IT is assimilated consequently in business.

Business Integration has many implications for the role of Business Technical Manager, one of which is the fact that he must take charge of further responsibilities, such as management of business processes. In the past, the company's Technical Manager was mainly restricted to only IT processes, but since technology is increasingly integrated to the business, the technical manager will become more and more a business manager instead of a computer expert.

For this reason Netfarm, with its consultancy services, intends to release the managers of Business Integration from the caring of studying and updating about every innovation in technical environment, and let them focus on the needs related to the development of their business.

I nostri progetti Business Integration