Business Integration

Project Management 

We design, plan, and realize the objectives of a project.

Object oriented programming


We take care of your project

We listen to your requests of organization and technology of our customers.

Usage of the most important RDBMS


Project Planning

We efficiently schedule your project towards the realization of your objectives.

Functional programming



Django Backend  VUEjs

MSC Gateway is a system that automates verification processes for tax invoices and optimizes workload by automatically analyzing every invoice with anomalies. An electronic documentary software that processes invoices from a commercial platform, verifies them and sends them to MSC SAP accounting system.


Django Backend  VUEjs

An advanced consulting web-based service regarding the environment and safety. D.A.F. (Digitally Assisted Fulfillment) ensures full control and a proper management of regulations avoiding sanctions (which might be penal), respecting your company's organizational model. It allows the company managers to quickly perform wide-ranging controls, optimizing the management of documents, appointments, deadlines, and recurrences.

DAB Pumps - Help Desk

Backend web App di gestione ( iOS e Android)

Help Desk for remote controlling DAB Pumps systems



Management software specialized in the handling of containers on road and by train

Tda.XT - M.A.I.O.R.

Google Web Toolkit 

An application developed utilizing “GoogleWeb Toolkit” with the purpose of analyzing travel time of public transport vehicles measured with AVM systems, highlighting potential problems, and computing and editing the best routes.



Python interpreter for an interpreted language: BusinessBasic.

It virtualizes the environment and can transform calls to data-containing files into transactions in a relational DB, without impeding the running application in any way.